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Make your Mark With Laser !

Laser Radiation is charaterized by a wave length particular to the laser type and a high power density. The laser beam is focussed on the material for labeling. The interaction with the surface leads to a change in the material - for example to a discolaration , to engraving or to material removal . Exactly how the changes to the material which arise will look depends primarily on the wavelength of the laser and the power density of the focussed laser beam .

Detay Laser Marking Services provides a cost justifiable replacement for almost all other types of marking in any application. Contact us and we'll help you make your mark!.

Hakan Aydin

Why Mark with Laser ?

Marking industrial goods with a laser has become increasingly important in recent years.

The reasons are :

  • The high flexibility of the process
  • Non contact processing
  • No preparation and reworking necessary
  • High quality of the marking
  • Applying Very fine markings ( to 0.03 mm) is possible
  • Environmentally friendly procedure


The List of Some Markable Materials
Metals Plastics Wood Glass
Carbon Steel



Crystal Glass
Stainless Steel Acyrlic Oak Recycled Glass
Aluminium Delrin Walnut Colored Glass
Galvanize DIP Plastic Mahogany  
Copper Note: For more about Plastics Click here Cherry  
Brass   Plywood , Laminant, ...  

Laser Marking Applications